Universal + Handlebar Mount

$ 26.8 税込

€ 29.95

Size:Universal 78 x 42 x 4 mm / Handlebar Mount 52.5 x 90 x 30.5 mm
Weight:58 g
Country of origin:Taiwan

  • Description

Product Description

X-Guard Universal Features

  • Exclusively designed as an adapter between the case and X-Guard accessories.
  • Applicable on any device with a flat, smooth surface.
  • Reinforced adhesion holds up to 1kg.


X-Guard Handlebar Features

  • Compatible with X-Guard mobile phone cases and Universal.
  • Mounts to any handlebar or bar that is Φ 20mm to 32mm.
  • Reinforcement fixing with a safety fastener.
  • Adjustable to any viewing angle.
  • Support portrait and landscape viewing.
  • Feather-light, weighs 37 grams.
  • Enclosing the plastic spacers and hex wrench.