X-guard Bundle D

$ 49.9 税込

Bundle D:X-Guard Black/White for iphone 6 +  Infinity Lock
+ Sport Armband S/L

Weight:191 g
Size:175 x 95 x 55mm
Country of origin:Taiwan

  • Description

Product Description

X-Guard Black for iphone 6 + Infinity Lock +Sport Armband


X-Guard  For iphone 6 Features

  • Variety of compatible with X-Guard series, mountable accessories.
  • One-handed release latch for fast device insertion/removal.
  • Dual retention locking system.
  • Easy access to all controls and ports.
  • Provide all round protection for your devices.
  • Easy access to all controls and ports.
  • Bonus: Waterproof plastic pouch ( IP03 ).
  • Patent No.: M483640 (R.O.C), 3786501 (P.R.C), 3195338(J.P)


Infinity Lock Features

  • Compatible with all X-Guard Mounts.
  • Reinforced adhesion holds up to 1KG.
  • Free to incorporate with flat-surfaced device.
  • Infinitive usage for lock/unlock-n-go in life.
  • Notice:Super strong adhesive tape is disposable. Cautiously choose the hard & strong surface to stick.

May not adhere well or damage on soft & non-strong surface. To remove, please use suitable adhesive remover.


Sport Armband

  • Compatible with X-Guard mobile phone cases and Universal.
  • Comfortable and adjustable with Velcro for arm girth.
  • Washable and easy to wear/take off.
  • Support portrait and landscape position.
  • Feather-light, weighs 28 grams.
  • Patent No.: M509278 (R.O.C), 4972929 (P.R.C)